Why Den Building Should be an Essential Part of Birth Preparation

by | 24, Apr, 2017

You’ve Got to Love a Good Den!

They are private.  They are safe.  They are secure.  They are unobserved.  They are a place to hide.  They are ‘ours’.

Think about it – for years men have had caves, followed by sheds, women have found sanctuary in sewing rooms, bedrooms in summer houses, and children have built dens, hidey holes and tree houses.  And what do all of these ‘dens’ have in common?

When we create a space that is ours, that belongs to us and only us, we really make it our own.  We fill it with things that make us happy.  We play our own music.  We take our own pillows.  It smells of us.  We only let people in that add to the ambience and we protect it with our lives.

And that is exactly what we should be doing with our birth space.  Whether we choose to give birth at home, on the delivery suite, in a birth centre or in theatre, we have the power to own that space, to make it our own.

Make It Your Own

We can control the lighting, the sounds, the smells, the people, the atmosphere, and this is the perfect role for your birth partner.  Men especially like to feel useful, they like to have a job so give them one!

If you would like to learn more about ‘building your den’ and ‘creating your safe place’ for birth and you think your partner might like the role of gatekeeper then please do take a look at the hypnobirthing workshops to find the next available date.

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Your 5 Steps to a Positive Birth

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