Blackpool Gazette – Putting Positive Birth on the Map

by | 27, Sep, 2016

Positive Birth Where it Belongs

I would love to live in a world where ‘positive birth’ was so firmly on the map that it would just be called ‘birth’.  Where birth as standard was positive so anything less became a ‘negative birth’ or a ‘traumatic birth’ but until that is the case I will continue to fight our corner.

The lovely Emma Harris from Blackpool Gazette totally gets where I am coming from, as you can see in this article:

Blackpool Gazette - Caroline Thompson - Blackpool Hypnobirthing

Every woman, every baby, every birth partner, every family, deserves a positive birth experience.

If you would like to start working towards your positive birth experience please do get in touch.

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Your 5 Steps to a Positive Birth

Your 5 Steps to a Positive Birth

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