Positive Birth Stories

Everybody loves a good birth story – especially when it is a positive one!

Birth can be positive, empowering, uplifting, even orgasmic (!) and these birth stories are here to prove it!

These stories are from first time mums; third time mums; mums who went in to spontaneous labour; mums who were induced; and they all have two things in common:

  1. They all had a positive experience where they were in control
  2. They all prepared for birth with “The Bump Business” hypnobirthing classes

My Birth Story!

Caroline, Simon and George

A story I can tell again and again as it was so magical!

A story of strength, empowerment and an amazing fear and stress free birth from me – a first time mum.

Such a fab birth it inspired me to become a practitioner!


A Positive Hypnobirthing Induction

Louise, Barry and Elijah

Louise and Barry both tell their version of events for Louise’s third baby – and third induction!

Louise explains how this birth was so different and how she couldn’t have done it without her hypnobirthing tracks.

A First Time “Older” Mum

Daniella and Tobias

From the moment I met her Daniella was determined to have a birth where she was in control and despite being consultant-led she did just that – read her story of her positive natural water birth for a tale of true empowerment.

Your 5 Steps to a Positive Birth

Your 5 Steps to a Positive Birth

Pregnant and a bit clueless?  

Not sure what to expect but know that you want it to be positive?

A little bit scared of losing control and having things 'done to you'?

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