How I discovered hypnobirthing…

I first used hypnosis about ten years before becoming pregnant, to stop me from eating chocolate, so I knew that if it would help me with that it could help me with anything!

I also knew that I wanted to try and avoid chemical pain relief and that I wanted a birth where I was in control.  Even before getting pregnant I was reading all kinds of baby and birth forums and hypnobirthing seemed to be a very common topic so as soon as I was pregnant I started researching the different hypnobirthing methods available and decided that I would prefer a British voice, that was realistic about pain and that would help me be in control.

As soon as we completed our workshop I was completely hooked, and even without giving birth I knew that I wanted to train to be able to help empower couples as they prepared for birth.

I then went on to have a truly magical birth experience in the Fylde Coast Birth Centre at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and my journey really began.

When George was just six months old we all camped out in a hotel while I did my training – with George coming in regularly for feeds – and then I was off!

The best bits of hypnobirthing…

Obviously George’s birth will always be the best bit of hypnobirthing, but now I teach it as well I often ponder on the best bit, is it…

  • Having the honour of working with couples during this special time?
  • Watching couples work together as they take control of their birth experience?
  • Hearing their positive birth stories?
  • The steady supply of newborns to cuddle?
  • The ongoing friendships I develop with new mums?

I honestly couldn’t tell you!  I really do think I have the best job in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I look forward to working with you,

Caroline. x

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Your 5 Steps to a Positive Birth

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